Dog Food

Dog food, just like cat food, is a food, which is specially applied for dog feeding, and it contains all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, and fats, and gives your dog an energy for all day. Dog food, which is commercially sold in stores, comes in many different versions, and there is different food produced for each dog breed, but taking into account that dogs are carnivores, they need meat or meat products. As dogs have sharp teeth, they need solid food as well – it is necessary for training of their teeth and for their joy and health.


Dogs, just like people, have different physical conditions, and these conditions determine the necessary amount of calories per day or the necessary amount of energy. The amount of calories depends on dog’s size, breed, age as well as location and season. The average amount of calories, which has to be taken in with food, is 40 – 100 calories per day. If we take an average 70, we can look at the schedule, which includes dog’s weight and the necessary amount of calories per day.

1 kg

70 kcal

2 kg

140 kcal

3 kg

210 kcal

4 kg

280 kcal

5 kg

350 kcal

6 kg

420 kcal

7 kg

490 kcal

8 kg

560 kcal

9 kg

63 kcal

10 kg

700 kcal

20 kg

1400 kcal

40 kg

2800 kcal

As we can see in this schedule, dogs have greater necessity of energy per kilogram than people, that is why it often seems that our dogs eat much more than we because they actually eat.

Dry food

Dry food, as we all know, is cheaper and it is easy to use, but it contains just 5% – 10% of water, which means that we have to give our pets a lot of additional water. Dry food also contains less vitamins and other substances that our dogs need, therefore we have to give them absent vitamins and other supplements. Dry food is relatively cheap and convenient, and that is why it dominates in the market of dog food, becoming the leader of this market.

Wet food

Wet food contains much more vitamins and minerals, and the majority of dogs prefer this food, not dry food. Giving your dog wet food, you give it a food that resembles meat, which it instinctively searches and eats. Wet food is easier to keep than meat, and it is also much cheaper than fresh meat, which also have to be given to your dog time by time. Wet food is cheaper than natural products, but it is still more expensive than dry food, and that is why it is less common than dry food.


Dog treats or bone-like snacks are made so that the dog is able to train its teeth and clean its gums, receiving some calories at the same time. Treats are not meant for daily use – it has to be like a gift, which you give to your dog in some special events, but these events have to be regular.

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