The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

10. German Shepherd Dog – these dogs are not only popular, but quite expensive as well – qualitative German Shepherd puppy costs at least 1000 Euros. Time goes by, but this breed is still one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

german shepherd dog

9. Greyhound – you can buy the world’s fastest dog – Greyhound puppy – for 1000 – 5000 Euros.


8. Maltese and Bichon Frise – these dogs are one of the most popular decorative dog breeds, which can be bought for 1500 – 2500 Euros. These toy-like dog breeds become more and more popular all over the world.

bichon frise maltese

7. Irish Wolfhound – it is the biggest representative of dog family, which is still used in Irish army and guards the British Crown. It is not so popular dog breed, but, as an exotic, it becomes more and more requested. Qualitative puppies cost about 1500 – 7000 Euros.

irish wolfhound

8. Siberian Husky – also this dog breed can be considered as fashion thing, especially after those movies about Alaska, North and Antarctica. Buying of qualitative Siberian Husky can cost you at least 2000 Euros.

siberian husky

5. Pug – as pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, their prices fall year by year, but if you want to buy a world-class puppy, prepare 2000 – 3000 Euros.


4. Pomeranian Spitz – you have to take into account that Pomeranian Spitz puppy costs about 2000 – 3000 Euros, therefore if you want to buy it, start to save your money right now.

pomeranian spitz

3. Chihuahua – Chihuahua is still the most expensive dog of all small dog breeds. Chihuahua puppy, especially smooth-haired puppies, costs approximately 2500 – 10 000 Euros.


2. English Mastiff – qualitative and promising English Mastiff puppy costs at least 3250 Euros. It should be mentioned that English people usually do not sell their puppies to foreigners. This dog breed has never been popular – English Mastiffs are bought only by the wealthy for their prestige and exhibitions.

english mastiff

1. Cane Corso – if you are planning to buy this Italian dog in Italy, you have to prepare at least 5000 – 10000 Euros. No one exactly knows why this dog breed has become so popular, but it is possible that behind the back of this muscular and faithful dog owner feels safe like behind the stone wall. These dogs are also called Corsican Mafia housedogs, as they are guarding not only bosses of Italian Mafia, but also bosses of Japanese Mafia.

cane corso

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