How to Choose a Dog?

Family who has no experience in raising dogs, especially families with small children and a lack of time has to choose a small or medium-sized, calm and friendly dog. There are a lot of dog breeds that, although widely popular, are not suitable for beginners, for example, breeds that were originally created as guard dogs or fighting dogs. Look for opportunities to personally contact dogs of chosen breed and talk to the breeders and owners of these dogs. Remember that beautiful picture books about dog breeds often include only positive features of each dog breed.

How to choose a dog breed

The original function of breed
It will tell you a lot about the dog’s nature and characteristics. Beagles like to bark – it is in their genes for many generations. For wind dogs the race with the wind can be more important than the command “Come!”. For housedogs it can be difficult to accept the loud friends of your teen son, who are used to loudly and happily fall in your apartment at any time of the day. If you have decorative rats and hamsters, do not choose any of terrier breeds – they have completely different views on what these small rodents are meant for. An active bird dog will have difficulties with living in a small apartment and sedentary lifestyle, while dogs of small breeds will feel good in such circumstances. Dog breeds should be evaluated according to how well they fit into particular circumstances of life, what you can offer, and how suitable is this dog for the role that you are intended.

The size
Consider whether your residence is suitable for a large dog, and whether you will be able to provide a normal, active dog’s life, and freedom of movement to a large dog. Will it have enough space in your house, apartment, in the yard, and in the car? If you have planned that the dog will take a walk mainly with your children, think about how much the dog weighs, and whether your children will be able to physically hold the dog.

The amount of plumage
All dogs are shedding, except those who do not have the hair. There are some breeds that are shedding a little bit, but their require a regular professional grooming, for example, poodles. Dogs with shorter plumage will be easier to care, and they bring less mud in the house.

The level of activity
The higher is dog’s activity level, the more owner’s time and attention it requires. Lazy dogs will put up with conditions to sit quietly in the apartment while owners are at work, but for active dogs it can be very difficult to stand the boredom and loneliness. Active dogs can make a noise and cause damages to your furnitures and things. For people who have an active lifestyle and who can take the dog with them an active dog is a great choice.

The health
Many dog breeds, especially popular ones, have inherited diseases. Find out what diseases threaten your chosen breed and what does the breeder has done to reduce the risk of hereditary disease inheritance in its breeding animals and puppies.

Parental participation in the puppy’s upbringing
You should not buy a dog only for your children. You have to take into account that children’s interests can change and all the promises can vanish. During dog’s life, which is about 10 – 15 years, a lot can change, therefore buy a dog only if some of adults will be happy to take care of the dog if necessary.

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