Is shopping good for you?

Few of us need any extra encouragement to whip out the credit card and engage in some good old-fashioned ‘retail therapy’ – but is shopping good for you? Does the short-term fix of acquiring some fancy new possession outweigh the long-term drawbacks (financial and other)? But perhaps this is the wrong way of framing the question. In point of fact, shopping has many long term benefits as well as short ones. And done in moderation, it is definitely good for you! Read on as we attempt to explain why.

Shopping exercises your wallet – and your body

Unlikely as it sounds, shopping is actually good for your health, insofar as it gets you off your backside and gets your legs – and your heart – pumping. In point of fact, 30 brief minutes of moderately paced shopping per day is sufficient to meet your daily exercises requirements – and is also a great way of reducing your vulnerability to cardiovascular disease over the long term. And the best part is that window shopping is just as effective here as that which involves getting out the wallet! Shopping can be a cheaper means of keeping yourself fit than joining a gym even.

Shopping brightens your mood

Everyone is familiar already with the experience of purchasing some shiny new toy and feeling as if a weight has been lifted from one’s shoulders. Although shopping certainly isn’t recommended as a cure-all for low spirits, the odd impulse purchase is fine if you need a quick means of lifting your mood.

Shopping increases your confidence

Buying yourself some nice clothes and accessories will make you look better – both to yourself and others – and if other people treat you better and give you more compliments because of this, then your self-confidence will certainly improve. Shopping, done in the right way, can really do wonders for your sense of confidence and self-esteem (miglior aspiracenere per stufe a pellet).

Shopping will help you do better at work

Going out and buying a new and improved work wardrobe that allows you to look the part at your job, will certainly cause a few people to sit up and take notice. If your colleagues and superiors take you more seriously and show you greater respect at your job, then your confidence and thus your performance will probably be given a real boost – as will your chances of a promotion.

Shopping allows you to express yourself better

A bit of retail therapy never hurts when it comes to expressing yourself more effectively as a person. One of the best ways of showing off your personality and principles to the world is through the clothes, accessories, homeware – and even tattoos – that you purchase.

Shopping enhances your sense of control

The simple act of making a shopping list and then going out and purchasing those items will enable you to experience a sense of purpose, direction and accomplishment – and will get you used to the practice of making plans and then carrying them out. It goes without saying that all of this can be carried over into other areas of your life.

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