Year of the Dog

Years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 and so on.

Those who are born in the year of the Dog are always restless, always on guard and never does not rest – they are always vigilant.

They are closed in themselves and are rarely showing their feelings. Dogs are dogged, and they know what they want. They often become cynical, and people are often afraid of them because of their harsh and unpleasant remarks. Dogs have tendency to get carried away with the little things, to criticize reasonably and unreasonably, and to find the reason for the termination of communication. In fact, they are pessimists, which do not expect anything good from the life.

They always courageously fight any injustice. Dogs are sceptical, but they have a critical mind, sense of humour, and undeniably sublime spirit, which protects from the hairsplitting. They cannot stand the crowds and different gatherings.

Talking about feelings, Dogs seem cool, but this impression is deceptive. Despite all the imperfections, they have a lot of noble qualities. Dogs are loyal, faithful, honest, with a developed sense of duty. People can rely on them because they will never betray anyone. They know how to keep secrets better than anyone else. Dogs are very shy, and they do not like neither to confess nor to hear others confessions.

They talk quite simple, and sometimes it is difficult for them to express their thoughts. Dogs have deep mind, and they can listen like no one else can. People can trust them, and it is completely right – they are doing their best, and sometimes their trust is adjoining with self-sacrifice. People respect them deservedly.

Fighters for justice are almost always born under the sign of Dog. Any injustice causes a protest in Dogs, and they do not calm down till they have not done utmost to improve the situation. Dogs worry about the hunger on earth as well as worry because of past, present, and everything that can happen. Fortunately, they are rarely defending foolishnesses. Dogs are philosophers, moralists, and they are not interested in money.

They are magnanimous and altruistic. Regardless of whether they live on the street or in luxury, in their essence they are intellectuals, and they can get along without the material comforts. If they will need the money, they will be able to get it themselves better than others.

Dogs are good leaders in different industries, they are active social workers, priests, and teachers. In any field of work they will be perfectly honest. They can perfectly manage people because no one else has such a great ability to work and the honesty.

Also in love life they are honest and reasonable. Dogs will have love difficulties throughout life, which will be caused by fickleness and restless. Three stages of Dogs life will pass under the sign of volatility. Restless childhood, difficult youth, maturity years with scepticism and sense of defeat, and ageing with regrets about undone things. Dogs that are born during the day are very calm, compared to dogs that are born during the night.

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